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Strike wing aviation is the largest flying club in the Philippines and one of largest in the country. With our own flying school, a large fleet of aircraft, and our low prices we make sure our members get the very best in affordable flying. But that's not all. Because we are a flying club, and not just a school, we cater for our members, and their families, after they become a fully qualified pilot. At Strike wing aviation we have an excellent cafe and bar, wireless Internet, a variety of self hire aeroplanes, and even our own local flying guidebook. We are determined to help our pilots to continue to fly, building on their experience and expanding their horizons. Read More


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How to become a commercial pilot in the Philippines? Do you have that dream to become a licensed commercial pilot and work in a well known airline company? It's simple. Read More

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A Private Pilot License permits the holder to operate an aircraft. Passengers may be carried and flight in furtherance of a business Read More

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Please be advised that www.StrikeWing.Co is the official website of Strike Wing Aviation Training Center, Inc. Any other website pertaining to be ours should be avoided and considered illegal. Capt. Praveen and Ms. Princes Lerit are not connected to our company. Please be guided not to coordinate with these people regarding our company transactions. For further information, please contact our Communications Officer at (+632)425-1508 or through our Contact Us page.